With over 12,500 American’s turning fifty every day, it’s no surprise that by 2015 those aged fifty and older will represent forty-five percent of the population. With facts like that, there has never been a greater time to learn about the decisions that need to be made as Americans age. A simple and easy-to-use guide filled with resources and checklists, this invaluable new manual provides readers with all the essential information needed for seniors to navigate the processes and decisions that come with aging. A comprehensive manual and essential resource, the guide also serves as a fundamental organizational tool that communicates all personal information and relevant wishes in a clear, concise, and simplified format.

eldercare1ElderCare Simplified: A Comprehensive Manual to Guide You Through the Stages of Aging is a priceless new instructional guide by Susan H. Little and Rose K. Traub that is targeted toward seniors, veterans, the disabled, and their caregivers. Filled with important information about the aging process, this unique guide covers every step of the way in an easy-to-understand and highly comprehensive manner. Written in a comforting and compassionate tone, the guide does wonders to ease the uncertainty and stress that are associated with aging.

Written as an inexpensive and informative guide to help seniors as well as caregivers, ElderCare Simplified is a must read for anyone dealing with elderly or disabled loved ones. Recognizing the need for easily accessible and valuable information, this priceless guide compiles all of the hard-learned lessons of caregiving and aging into one all-encompassing resource that helps everyone from seniors to loved ones. With a noble cause and endless compassion, ElderCare Simplified is a must-own resource for anyone who has to face the decisions and realities of aging or caregiving.
ElderCare Simplified is a low-cost comprehensive manual designed as a practical first step of resources, checklists, and services to the elderly and/or their caregivers.

The resource book is designed to prompt the aging population or elderly caregivers through the process and decisions that need to be made for the final seasons of life. It also serves as a fundamental organizational tool that communicates all personal information and relevant wishes.

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